Fire Alarms

There is a lot more to a fire alarm system than just the pull station and horn stobes on the wall. Today’s control panels are more like sophisticated computers. If your system has smoke detectors, have they been checked for proper sensitivity? We have the testing equipment and the expertise to keep your fire alarm system compliant and functioning the way it was intended.
Our detailed inspection procedure includes an annual check of all devices on your system because, in a fire emergency, you need to know that every part of your system is going to function properly.
The difference between the new addressable systems and the conventional zoned systems are that the addressable systems can give a name and location of which device is in alarm or if it has some type of trouble condition. The conventional zoned system can only give a area or group of detectors in alarm or trouble.
With many types of fire alarm panels on the market, DW Fire Safety can inspect and service most of them to keep all your fire alarm protection needs up to date.