Fire Extinguishers

Most everyone have some type of fire extinguisher in in thier home, on the farm, or at work. There is a good chance that most people don’t now what kind of extinguisher they have or where it is at. A lot of fires when caught early can be put out with a fire extinguisher. They are your first line of defense. There are a lot of different types, sizes and brands on the market today.
Let DW Fire Safety help you with your fire extinguisher needs, from your home, farm, or place of business we can help with any sales, service and inspections. All your fire extinguishers need an annual inspection to check to see if it is low on charge or some type of damage to it, in order to insure proper operation. We also provide training in the use of fire extinguishers for individuals places of business.
So don’t get caught with your fire extinguishers not working properly. Call DW Fire Safety and for a price quote today.