Fire Sprinkler Systems

Many customers, although they may not realize what type of sprinkler systems or equipment they have. Let DW Fire Safety show you what you have , what the inspection and service requirments are, and the best ways to insure that your fire protection systems function properly for many years to come. Youcan’t tell what the inside of you sprinkler system looks like.
This is what the inside of some of the piping could look like.  Every sprinkler system should have an internal inspection every 5 years to help keep this type of problem under control.
DW provides inspections, testing, and service on all types of water-based systems. We can set up an inspection program to take care of all your service needs, from annual, semi-annual, or quarterly inspections and tests on your fire sprinkler systems wet or dry. Fire pumps need to be annually tested to insure proper operation. All of our inspectors and service technicians are certified and experiensed to provide unequalled inspections and service.
So don’t get caught with you fire protection systems not working properly. Call DW Fire Safety for a price quote today.